Links and Events

It is our goal that prospective and existing customers have access to information that we feel may help them make more informed decisions regarding what their needs are, and what their role in the process of satisfying those needs may entail.  Some links will provide definitions of basic business terms, and information on business tools such as business plans and operating procedures.  Please do not be offended because these links are typically associated with small or start up businesses.  Medium and large business owner’s, remember that some of the clearest and easiest places to find information and answers is to make a quick return to the beginning.

Other links such as those to the Greater North Fulton and Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's will inform you about services, programs and events that may be a necessary component to assisting you in reaching your goals.

We also provide links to organizations that we are personally involved with because we feel strongly that they contribute to creating peace and prosperity in our world through their actions.

Again we hope you find this section helpful and welcome your thoughts and comments.

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